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Field equipment

The people who fight against poachers in the front line and permanently risk their life often have insufficient armaments and equipment. Some national parks, whose management has not yet been taken over by any transnational organization, are not able to satisfy even basic needs for the field patrol to be effective. Our organization will never arm the guards with weapons, it must by done by local governments and the management of parks.

But we can support the work of the park guards by providing them with adequate footwear, clothing, backpacks, tents and sleeping mats. Device like GPS, satellite phones, small digital cameras, binoculars, forehead lights and laptops could be really handy. We have already materially supported selected units several times before. Especially in Congo and Chad and we want to mediate further help.

However the main type of material support are mountain bikes. Thanks to cooperation with the Czech organization Bicycles for Africa, we get them from donors for use by guardians and other employees of national parks. In the past we have equipped colleagues in parks Zakouma (Chad), Garamba (Democratic Republic of Congo), Odzala-Kokoua (Congo), Bouba-Njida (Cameroon) and some other areas in the region. The public can help by donating a retired bike in good condition or by support of the transport of bicycles to Africa.