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You can support our efforts to help national parks and conservationists with the fight against poaching and trade with ivory by sending any amount to transparent or PayPal account of the registered organization Save-Elephants, z.s

Domestic Czech payments

Account number: 4200409386/0100

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PayPal and credit card payments

Foreign payments

IBAN: CZ28 0100 0000 0042 0040 9386
Currency: CZK

Bank: Komerční banka, a. s.
Address: Na Příkopech 33, 110 00 Praha 1

We will be happy to give you a donation agreement for the possibility of applying your gift in the tax return. Contact us at: info@save-elephants.org. Thank you!

If you wish to donate your money to a specific project only or become an exclusive sponsor of some activity, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities of such cooperation.

Many thanks to all donors, sponsors and supporters of Save-Elephants project.

The most important are:

ZOO Liberec – financially supports detection dogs project in Congo and helps with mediation of the elephant problem

Gumotex – donated a new two-seater inflatable boat Helios 2

Mikov – sponsorship donation of one hundred traditional Czech knives “Rybička” with the project logo for promotional purposes in Africa, gifts and rewards

GoPro – provided outdoor video cameras at a discounted price

Cyklo Adam, Praha – help with preparation of my bicycle for the Central African expedition

Ferrino – provided tent Chaos 2 for discount price

Arena wspinaczkowa Makak, Warszawa – provided tent and shoes for discount price

Art Media Service – repeated promotion of the project for free or discount price

Jakar Electronics – money gift

We also thank all the media for giving the neccessary space to our topic. Reportáže a rozhovory o slonech a našem projektu se objevily v těchto médiích:
Události – ČT1 (25. 12. 2013)
Prima SVĚT – Prima FTV (16. 3. 2014)
Koktejl (10/2013 a 05/2014)
Magazín DNES (19. 6. 2014)
Euro (41/2014)
Studio 6, ČT1 (20. 6. 2014)
iDnes, 5+2 (4. 2. 2014)
NP/Novýprostor (06/2014)
X-Man na iDnes.cz (16.10.2014)
Cykloturistika (10/2014)
Záhady života (04/2014)
Přirodovědci.cz (03/2014)
Příroda (07-08/2014)
Týden.cz (25. 9. 2014)
Na cestách – LTV-plus (od 19. 4. 2014)
Prague Post (20 . 4. 2014)
Host dne – TV Polar (8. 4. 2014)
Host ve studiu – IFK TV (20. týden 2014)
Rádio 1, Ešus (3. 11. 2014)
Hedvábná stezka
Afrika Online
Třinecký Hutník
Třinecký zpravodaj
Psí kusy (09/2014)
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