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Smart collar

Savanna elephants are making herds of up to several hundreds of animals. Such a big group is a great target for poachers who, if well armed, can easily massacre tens of elephants during single day. But cohesion and size of the elephant herds can be also an advantage in an effort to help them survive. It can be enough if only few in the herd are equipped with Smart collar.

We develop a device that can detect the sound of shooting and immediately inform anti-poaching patrol with the GPS position of current situation. In such a case the guards can arrive quickly and try to hold back the poachers before killing the entire elephant herd. The world of animal protection is very much hoping for this technology lately.

For consultations and partial prototypes we addressed specialists and students at VUT in Brno and ČVUT in Prague. Detailed solution design, verification and implementation of the prototype was taken by Roman from Tieto. At this moment, we are looking for someone able to build ready-to-use device based on prototypes – ie. transferring the technology from a PC to a microprocessor.

We have professionals who are willing and able to work on the solution, and we know that organizations will be interested in the product. However, we need to invest money into the development and pilot project first.