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Water for Elephants

Climate change in Sahel region of Cameroon and Chad, and inappropriate use of water by shepherds and farmers, are pushing elephants to migrate during droughts more and more often beyond the borders of protected areas where many of them are killed every year. The poachers penetrate also into the parks, but beyond its borders, the elephants are a much easier target. This is due to the enormous size of the area where the elephants migrate in search of water. It is also very difficult to guard the region in an unstable zone between northern Nigeria and the Central African Republic.

Providing access to sub-surface water to elephants and other wildlife species in several selected locations can make them remain further from humans during drought periods. With the exploration of possibilities and capacities to capture water in periodic watercourses for the rest of the year, we started in 2017 in southern Chad. We are looking for funding to carry out the first construction work in the bush. The long-term survival of the elephants in this region can be supported by the successful implementation and subsequent permanent surveillance of these sites by patrols and CCTV, as the conflicts with people on a valuable water source will be reduced. In addition, the project has also potential for tourism and, therefore, a chance for the development of local communities.